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What’s the latest in ValQ?

ValQ's latest version comes with new features, fixes and performance enhancements. Check out this blog for a detailed run through of the same.

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Here is How You Can Bring Your Financial Models To Life

What is the purpose of a financial model? To model financial outcomes of decisions, see the impact of a change in assumptions, to do a valuation of a business, etc. The purpose is not to visualize the potential outcomes in an easy-to-understand way. This means that to communicate the results of your analysis you need […]

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Key Lessons For FP&A From The Pandemic

With pandemic's effects still upon us, it is now time to reflect on how FP&A has been affected and understand its impact on businesses.

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What The CFO Needs From FP&A In 2021

FP&A must develop an opinion & predict what might happen. It needn't be completely accurate but it drives actions for the prediction to hold true, leading to a balanced, yet swift & agile decisions.

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Collaborative Planning with ValQ

ValQ’s Collaborative planning enables end users to collaborate across multiple teams for a streamlined process with flexibility and accountability.

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ValQ 2.0 Released with Connected and Collaborative Planning Features

The Power BI Summary Blog - February 2021 edition features ValQ, highlighting the upgrades of its latest version release - ValQ 2.0

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The Top 10 Priorities For The CFO In 2021

2020 was in many ways an unusual year for everyone. The office of the CFO felt this with full force as it was thrust into the center of decision-making in most companies. When times are bad business leaders look to Finance to help get them safely through the troubled waters. This has led to high […]

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The Cardinal Rule For Success In FP&A – “Less is More”

It is essential to focus your time & efforts on key pain points of business. Utilizing a federated data model with the right tools will get you there.

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How to perform Sensitivity Analysis in ValQ?

Sensitivity analysis is a way to predict the outcome of a decision given a certain range of variables. In this new update ValQ has made it easier than ever.

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Data Access Options in ValQ

ValQ Collaborate offers data access options for exporting data, model, scenarios, analysis etc that can be imported into other visuals or applications.

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