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From Accounting To FP&A: How To Make The Jump

There is a lot happening in Accounting these days not least when it comes to automation. The rate of automation has increased by 20%-points in the past two to three years. That makes it a good time for accountants to consider their future careers. A very viable career...

What The CFO Needs From FP&A In 2021

FP&A must develop an opinion & predict what might happen. It needn’t be completely accurate but it drives actions for the prediction to hold true, leading to a balanced, yet swift & agile decisions.

The Top 10 Priorities For The CFO In 2021

2020 was in many ways an unusual year for everyone. The office of the CFO felt this with full force as it was thrust into the center of decision-making in most companies. When times are bad business leaders look to Finance to help get them safely through the troubled...

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