ValQ 2.0 release for modern visual planning has several exciting new features for enterprises looking for planning and simulation capabilities within Power BI.

ValQ Collaborate 2.0 is now completely free on Power BI Desktop and we have also simplified pricing structure as well.

Enterprise User Security: We can now allow/restrict user access to models, nodes, scenarios and planning series by user and groups.

ValQ 2.0

Connected Planning: With the Model Merge feature it is now possible for users to merge and link multiple planning models.

Rolling Forecasts: Easily combine YTD actual data and budget or forecast for the rest of the year.

Advanced Analysis: Ability to perform Attribution, Variance and Sensitivity Analysis  which provides deeper insights across various business drivers

Digital Board Room Experience: digital board room experience with touch support that makes interacting with models easier on TVs and mobile devices.

Collaborative Planning: Share Scenarios and models across business users with audit and commenting capabilities.

Data Access Options: ValQ now offers enhanced export to XLS/CSV, Write Back API, Web URL for exporting the planning scenarios, analysis, model etc.

Read the Power BI Blog Summary February 2021 Edition here.

Download the latest version of ValQ here and get started with ValQ Collaborate Edition today.

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