The latest release of ValQ comes with new features, fixes and performance enhancements for an improved user experience.  In this blog, we will have a run through of all of them in detail.

The main feature updates of ValQ’s latest release includes: 

  • The node limit has been lifted on all the plans. Now models can be built for unlimited nodes.   
  • Writeback Scenarios from Compare Scenarios screen 
  • Fetch More API update – Using the incremental updates mode. 
  • One of the most important upgrades in the version release of 2.0.4 is the Login with password method 

              In addition to the Microsoft Sign-In method, users will now be able to sign-in to ValQ using username/password method. 

  The new flow comprises of the following steps:   

  1. Workspace Admin adds a member/user to a workspace by email.
  2. An invitation email with a link to reset their account with a new password (The link will be valid for 7 days)  
  3. User clicks on the link and set their account password  
  4. From ValQ visual when they click on sign-in, the link will redirect to the same Login page as today. But now they can use their username/password to sign in to ValQ.  
  5. The Login page also by defaults turns on Remember password so that the user is not required to type their username/password every time they log in to ValQ. 
  6. User can also log on to the ValQ member console using the same sign-in method.  


In addition to the feature updates in ValQ , the following contains the performance enhancements made in the recent version upgrades :  

Version  Performance Enhancements 
   2.0.3  Writeback Scenarios from Compare Scenarios screen  
Top-Down allocation for subtraction as calculation method   
Simple Dynamic Model – Simulation enabled only for leaf nodes by default  
Changes made to Secondary KPIs in linked model now reflect in the main model  
Fetch More API update 
Close Button overlapping the Node Detail Popup 
Prefix and Suffix should have a space added to the text 
Scenario – Rename button should be available even if the model is not uploaded 
Planning-weight-choose node not able to remove name with backspace 
   2.0.4  Fix for Search not working in Table view  
Quick Editor – On Exporting and importing the excel back to the QE, the Level is displayed from 01 and the tool tip of level shows 0  
Fix: ‘Error’ is displayed for the empty Secondary KPI values  
Node display in tree is not proper-Open any sample model and click on 0, 0k, 0.0m,0.0b in value display , the node in the tree is displayed as below, the display of values is not proper and overlapping  
Model Merge – On clicking node configuration of a model merged node, the pop up gets crashed  
Secondary KPI – Zeroes are displayed in Secondary KPI are disappeared after switching on to a Sub model or model merged node  
Tree – Additional Series selection from drop-down does not display value on applying filter when calc method is DS. Formula for Primary value & secondary KPI and the series switcher displays Baseline on applying filter and series name gets overwritten  
View Allocation History needs to be greyed out when we get the confirmation popup for Reset all option  
Tree – Node name is truncated when the name is lengthy  
Prefix and suffix is not displayed when the value of the node is 0 or null. Applicable for Model, Table View and Analyze tab as well.  
Node Configuration – Value Range Min max fields and conditional formatting fields are not accepting the values of 1/100 and lesser and validation error is highlighted  
Export as Datasource – Not all the leaf nodes are exported when only leaf nodes option is chosen in the Tree structure  
Quick Editor – Do not show Linked to Model Option in the node type  
Search – Secured nodes and sub models should not be visible for the user in the search across all the screens.  
When the simulation months is set as Jan to Dec then the tooltip of YtD in the Value display section should show the three-letter abbreviation from the settings tab -> Time aggregation Labels  

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