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ValQ for Operations

Imagine a planning process that lets you to instantly focus on the right things, ValQ allows you to instantly simulate and visualize the business KPI’s to make timely decision to increase profitability and growth.

ValQ can tie together data driven from multiple business models so that you would always have a top-line view of the organization. This allows users to easily perform what-if analysis based on different scenarios and assumptions.

Whether short-term or long-term, all plans deal with the future and therefore have a lot of uncertainty built into them. View and manage operations costs with full P&L modelling on multi- scenarios to enhance demand and supply planning.

ValQ helps you to

Conduct what-if analysis based on demand and supply for S&OP

Model driver-based planning modules for demand planning, staffing and project planning

Instantly visualize project lead-time, assess materials delivery timeline and analyze resource constraints

Spread values over time for managing project deliveries and resources

ValQ features for Operations

Sales & Operations (S&OP) Planning

Demand Planning

Capacity Planning

Supply Chain Optimization

Inventory Planning

Material Planning

Production Planning

Integrated Business Planning

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