ValQ Wins Financial Modelling Innovation Award 2020

The judges saw the product as reaching a wide-ranging audience. The judges loved the hybrid mind-map and formulaic relationship and, being focused on both analytics and financial modelling as an innovation, ValQ ticked many of their boxes in how it approaches, simplifies and communicates financial modelling, but from a PowerBI perspective.

With an impressive combination of clear visual presentation and powerful analysis ValQ has identified a gap in the financial modelling industry where it’s clear a large investment by those involved has resulted in a very professionally presented product which has great potential for the financial modelling industry.


ValQ is now
Power BI Certified

ValQ is now Power BI Certified


What does ValQ do?

ValQ is a serverless, lightweight, multi-purpose application running on Power BI supporting use cases such as planning, forecasting, budgeting, time series forecasting, and value driver planning. It helps enterprises run simulations, plans & analyses in a very visual and intuitive manner. It supports use cases across various departments and functions and is designed keeping in mind the analysis & decision-making needs of business users & executives without any dependencies on IT.

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Key Use Cases

Executive visualizations

Deliver a 360-degree view of the business to your executives in a visual & intuitive manner

What-If simulations

Model your business, process or an organizational initiative & perform what-if simulations on-the-fly

Value Driver Planning

Monitor & manage business value drivers and simulate how key drivers impact financial outcomes

Variance Analysis

Analyze performance variances and identify key influencers that impact business outcomes

Sensitivity Analysis

Evaluate sensitivity of business outcomes to fluctuations in fuel price, exchange rates, etc.

Time Series Analysis

Evaluate till date performance and perform time series forecasts based on past data

Sales Forecasting

Define, measure & optimize sales performance by line of business, product offerings, geographies & sales reps

Financial Budgeting

Reduce budgeting cycles and run quick re-forecasts by effectively capturing business fluctuations

Operations Planning

Perform Demand & Supply Planning, Inventory Planning, Procurement Planning, Workforce Planning & more

Who can use ValQ?

ValQ is a standalone, serverless, and multi-purpose product with applications across the enterprise.

ValQ for

All Users

ValQ for

All Users



ValQ for

All Functions

ValQ for

All Functions

ValQ Serverless Architecture

ValQ Bridges the gap and eases the transition from BI to AI

Fortune 500 Pharma Company Leverages Power BI & ValQ for strategic planning

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