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  • With intuitive, visual planning abilities and easy-to-use simulation interface transform your business modelling experience with ValQ.
  • ValQ solves complex business solutions on Power BI effortlessly with intelligent allocations and advanced analysis capabilities.
  • With intuitive, visual planning abilities and easy-to-use simulation interface transform your business modelling experience with ValQ.
SimulateAnalyzeAnalyzeSimulateOutcome KPIScenarioPeriodRevenueNet profitTotal CostScenario 1Jan - DecAnalysisSimulation impact on Net ProfitKPI Attribution AnalysisForecastIncreaseDecreaseSimulation200.00m -180.00m -160.00m -140.00m -120.00m -100.00m -80.00m -60.00m -40.00m -20.00m -0.00m -Forecast$56.81mRevenueTotal CostSimulation$38.98m$36.62m$132.41mShow UnitShow Contribution %Outcome KPIUnitBaselineSimulatedVarianceVar %Net Profit$56.81m132.41m75.60m133.1%Outcome KPIUnitBaselineSimulatedVarianceAttr %Revenue$389.76m428.73m38.98m51.6%Total Cost$332.95m296.32m36.62m48.4%Simulation impact on RevenueKPI Attribution AnalysisForecastIncreaseDecreaseSimulation500.00m -450.00m -400.00m -350.00m -300.00m -250.00m -200.00m -150.00m -100.00m -50.00m -0.00m -Forecast$389.76mRevenueSimulation$38.98m$132.41mShow UnitShow Contribution %Outcome KPIUnitBaselineSimulatedVarianceVar %Outcome KPIUnitBaselineSimulatedVarianceAttr %Revenue$389.76m428.73m38.98m10.0%Revenue$389.76m428.73m38.98m10.0%Simulation impact on Total CostKPI Attribution AnalysisForecastIncreaseDecreaseSimulation500.00m -450.00m -400.00m -350.00m -300.00m -250.00m -200.00m -150.00m -100.00m -50.00m -0.00m -Forecast$332.95mTotal CostSimulation($36.62m)$296.32mShow UnitShow Contribution %Outcome KPIUnitBaselineSimulatedVarianceVar %Outcome KPIUnitBaselineSimulatedVarianceAttr %Total Cost$332.95m296.32m(36.62.m)(11.0)%Total Cost$332.95m296.32m(36.62.m)(11.0)%Net ProfitRevenueTotal CostTotal Cost332.9m$FY Var:Mth3%$8.9m$27.0mRevenue31% better510.6m$FY Var:Mth39%$141.3m$34.1mRevenue16% better408.4m$FY Var:Mth18%$51.3m$30.1mRevenue389.8m$FY Var:Mth8%$28.3m$26.4mRevenue51% Worse191.0m$FY Var:Mth(49%)($178.3m)$12.4mRevenue32% Worse285.3m$FY Var:Mth(20%)($55.3m)$19.4mNet Profit21% better68.5m$FY Var:Mth83%$31.0m$0.2mNet Profit10% better61.3m$FY Var:Mth69%$26.2m$0.1mNet Profit56.8m$FY Var:Mth52%$19.3m($0.6m)Net Profit233% worse( 92.1m)$FY Var:Mth(>84%)($122.4m)($8.1m)Net Profit322% worse( 126.4m)$FY Var:Mth(>99%)($163.9m)($13.0m)JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecFull YearYtDSim.Mths26.424. Change to baselineJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecFull YearYtDSim.Mths26.424. Change to baselineJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecFull YearYtDSim.Mths26.424. Change to baseline

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Integrated Planning

Integrated Planning

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Integrated Planning

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ValQ wins Financial Modelling Innovation Award 2020

“ The demonstration of calculation drivers appealed with an impressive combination of clear visual presentation and powerful analysis, a result of the significant development quality in the product which is apparent.”


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ValQ's modeling capabilities help TLD Logistics in generating visually intuitive reports

A centralized and simplified process with ValQ’s intuitive visual planning capabilities

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ValQ on Power BI helps Merck & CO.INC handle capacity planning to meet growing global demand for their vaccines

A seamless workflow was achieved with ValQ’s real-time insights in a visual & intuitive manner.

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“You have a very attractive tool with a lot of functionalities ”

Data & Analytics Lead Finance
Building Materials Industry

“I’m a Power BI user and have around 3 years of experience on developing dashboard / report using Power BI desktop. I’m also a beginner to ValQ and I find it quite useful in terms of data analytics, simulation, forecasting and etc.”

Financial Analyst
Maritime Industry

Yeah that visual is insanely good! I couldn’t even do the power of the visual full justice in my blog/video.”

Amanda Cofsky

“We have enjoyed ValQ a lot especially clubbed with Big Screen T.V, and it’s a beautiful interface using ValQ 2.0. These are some personal feedback and things which we love to see and helpful. Cheers to beautiful and innovative product ”

Managing Partner Consultancy

“Having worked in or with FP&A for over 20 years, there has always been an identifiable gap involving self-service planning capabilities as well as “what-if” simulation analysis on the fly with current planning systems. At every step in the model development, the ValQ app provides for beautiful visualization of the thought process – something that is always overlooked in Excel models. The creation of the planning model compels the author to focus on both”

Finance, Oil & Energy Sector

“The best planning tool There’s nothing more bore that using a nice dashboard and had back to Excel to plan, valQ allows us to stay on Power BI and planning in a very simple and powerful way. ”

BI Consultancy Firm

“Deeply impressed by the ValQ functionality. Financial modeling or comparing scenarios over a series of years so easy to set up. Never thought that a custom visual could be so much more. ”

Ytzen Terpstra

“Wonderful product – this is going to revolutionize Power BI ”

Art Tennick
SSAS/IS/RS remote expert

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