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ValQ for C-Suite

C-level executives and members of the Board always rely on data & quantitative insights to make informed decisions. However, the underlying number-crunching is often done by analysts & teams using spreadsheets, something that is harder for executives to comprehend and use. 

With ValQ’s rich user interface, your executives can instantaneously understand the relationship between key business drivers and outcomes. They can also simulate and compare their own scenarios on-the-fly, without any help from analysts or IT. This empowers them to drive highly productive discussions and make decisions instantaneously – without wasting precious time & wait for analysts to crunch numbers yet again for the newer scenarios that they came up with.

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ValQ helps you to

Model strategic planning scenarios over several years for a long-term outlook

Track company performance against quarterly & annual objectives

Track status of strategic initiatives such as new product launches, M&As etc.

Communicate better in your meetings with your Board and investors

ValQ for the C-Suite

Strategic Planning

Revenue & Profitability Management

Quarterly / Annual Performance Modeling

Key Ratios / Scorecard

Investor Relations & Communications

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Performance

Capital Allocations

Risk Management

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