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ValQ for C-Suite

C-level executives almost often rely on analysts, consultants and IT for crunching numbers to extract quantitative insights to make informed decisions. However, in an environment where internal & external changes happen every day, such reliance induces delays that are heavily undesirable.

With ValQ, a Modern Visual Planning tool for Microsoft Power BI, executives get a bird’s eye view of the business and can easily perceive how hundreds of business variables – across sales, finance, marketing & operations – can impact key outcomes such as profitability. They can also simulate changes to multiple business variables on-the-fly, project quantitative business outcomes and perform business planning – all without any help from or dependency on IT.

ValQ makes your meetings productive too, as any scenario can be modeled live for instant decisions, instead of “let-me-get-back-to-you” responses that require yet another follow-up meeting.

ValQ helps you to

Model strategic planning scenarios over several years for a long-term outlook

Track how everyday changes can potentially impact fiscal period performance

Track status of strategic initiatives such as new product launches, M&As etc.

Communicate better in your meetings with your Board and investors

ValQ for the C-Suite

Strategic Planning

Revenue & Profitability Management

Quarterly / Annual Performance Modeling

Key Ratios / Scorecard

Investor Relations & Communications

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Performance

Capital Allocations

Risk Management

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