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ValQ Features

1) Simulate On-the-fly

The high performance embedded engine in ValQ captures ongoing or potential changes to your business on-the-fly and forecasts key outcomes visually & instantaneously.

2) Create multiple scenarios

With ValQ, you can create additional scenarios in less than a second.

3) Compare Scenarios

ValQ enables you to compare multiple scenarios highlighting key drivers & outcomes per scenario.

4) Analyze variance

Identify top drivers that contribute to performance variations. Perform in-depth variance analysis at the click of a button, something that is very challenging to do with spreadsheets & other planning products.

5) Leverage Office 365 Integration

Leverage Office 365 security for authentication. Publish your analysis instantly on its portal framework.

6) Save to Microsoft Azure

With ValQ, you can save the results of your simulations to Microsoft Azure (owned or managed tenant) securely.

7) Comment & Collaborate with other users

Comment on relevant key drivers or nodes to explain simulations, convey opinions, call-out anomalies, etc. Share and Collaborate with other users to drive consensus.

8) Capture Audit Trail

Capture changes made by other users in the organization. The history log makes it easier to track and audit changes to the model.

9) Consume on Mobile Devices

Build value driver trees on ValQ and consume the same on desktop and mobile devices. Also, it supports touch gestures such as pinch-and-zoom.

10) Configure. Don’t Code

ValQ is built for analysts. Porting your spreadsheet models to Power BI was never easy. ValQ enables you to do it instantaneously without any coding knowledge.

11) Convert a Simple Model To an Advanced Model

You can automatically generate simple models using data that is mapped to ValQ. Incorporate more advanced configurations and computations by converting it to an advanced model.

12) Utilize Advanced Formula & Functions

Model your business instantly with the help of Advanced Math & Financial functions (such as NPV & IRR) in ValQ.

13) Plan for future business cycles

Leverage ValQ to create plans & budgets for business cycles. ValQ provides advanced budgeting, forecasting & allocation features that are exclusive to expensive and IT-dependent planning software.

14) Copy Budget and Forecast Version to New Series

Leverage the current data series to generate new budget cycles and reforecasts.

15) Zero-based budgeting

Kickoff your budgeting process from scratch under the Plan tab without having to depend on historical data.

16) Allocation Methods

Instantly allocate values to the entire network with user-based choices like weighted, driver-based, or direct allocation.

17) Table View

In addition to the tree view, you can also visualize your business model in a tabular format.

18) Secondary KPIs

Customize your nodes to visualize additional KPI values.

19) Composite Nodes

Stack up all the related nodes visually at the ValQ canvas by leveraging the Composite Nodes feature.

20) Constant Nodes

Define KPIs independent of the time period as constant nodes.

21) Lightweight, Serverless Architecture

ValQ is self-contained within Microsoft Power BI and does not require any additional database, server or IT support to run. This ensures you can get started quickly and independently.

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