ValQ Features


Simulate On-the-fly

Capture ongoing or potential changes to the business on-the-fly and forecast key outcomes VISUALLY & INSTANTLY.

Create Multiple Scenarios

Create & collaborate various business scenarios within seconds (something that is very time consuming in spreadsheets & other software).

Compare, Save & Download Scenarios

Compare multiple scenarios instantly and save or download the scenarios to spreadsheets.

Analyze Variance

Identify key influencers driving performance variations; perform in-depth variance analysis at the click of a button.

Toggle to Table View

Toggle to tabular view when required. The tabular view preserves state of the tree and can also perform simulations.

Save to Microsoft Azure

Save the results of your simulations to Microsoft Azure (owned or managed tenant) securely.

Collaborative Planning

Comment on key drivers or influencers; share & collaborate with other users seamlessly.

Configure. Don’t Code

Design complex business models without writing a single line of code. The learning curve is less than a day.

Utilize Advanced Formula & Functions

Model your business instantly with the help of Advanced Math & Financial functions (such as NPV & IRR) in ValQ.

Leverage various node formats

Use various node types to represent various KPIs. In addition to the default node format, ValQ Supports :

  • Constant Nodes – for calculated values such as ROI %
  • Composite Nodes – for stacking up related KPIs
  • Secondary KPIs – that replace variance calculations in the default node format

Planning, Forecasting & Budgeting

Create plans & budgets for business cycles. ValQ provides advanced budgeting, forecasting & allocation features that are exclusive to expensive and IT-dependent planning software

Zero-based Budgeting

Create new budgets from scratch without using historical data.

Allocation Methods

Leverage various methods for allocating budgets such as weighted, driver-based, or direct allocation.

Capture Audit Trail

Capture changes made by other users in the organization.

Other Key Features

  • Consume on mobile devices with touch-enabled gestures
  • Connect to any data source (supported by Microsoft Power BI)
  • Perform time series forecasting 
  • Interact & filter with native Power BI slicers & visuals
    … and more

ValQ for SAP Lumira Designer

ValQ for SAP Lumira Designer
Explore the unique features delivered by ValQ as an extension for SAP Lumira. The product supports rapid prototyping, on-the-fly modeling with an embedded high-performance calculation engine. It enables saving and comparing various scenarios and what-if analyses
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