What are the Limitations of Contract Manufacturing?

Contract manufacturing facilitates companies to outsource the manufacturing process to another manufacturer who is well equipped to handle it effectively.

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Benefits of Contract Manufacturing?

The right contract manufacturer can provide insight and guidance to optimize the organization's product design for manufacturing, end-user satisfaction, and sometimes even keep assembly projects on track.

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What is Contract Manufacturing?

Contract Manufacturing is a business model in which a firm hires another firm to produce components, assemblies, or the final products

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Benefits of Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing boosts the performance of an organization by aligning business goals and requirements with the suppliers.

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Key Elements of Strategic Sourcing?

Organizations need to adopt efficient strategic sourcing skills and processes to maximize business performance.

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What is Strategic Sourcing?

Strategic sourcing is the process that identifies the spending profile of a business and its suppliers.

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Best Practices for Vendor Performance Analysis

Vendor Performance Analysis is an extensive process. It requires businesses to have a well-established plan ensuring all the essential parameters.

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Benefits of Vendor Performance Analysis

By performing Vendor Performance Analysis periodically, companies can realize some significant benefits.

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What is Vendor Performance Analysis?

Vendor Performance Analysis ensures that a supplier’s performance meets the expectations defined in the service-level agreement and is as per the market standards.

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Supplier Evaluation Steps

Suppliers’ evaluation takes place on several Key Performance Indicators.

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