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3 Methods of Mapping ValQ Nodes to Data

With ValQ, you can consume data residing in excel files, small business applications (e.g. QuickBooks), cloud applications (e.g. Salesforce), databases and enterprise systems (e.g. SAP BW) and more. In this blog, we’ll look at the three different ways of mapping ValQ nodes to data.

[Video] Nodes: A closer look

Node act as the fundamental building block in ValQ. It becomes vital for the user to understand the richness of data each node provides as he plans for the big picture. Let’s dive deep to understand what these projections demonstrate.

[Video] Handling Custom Fiscal Years & Custom Time Periods in ValQ

ValQ by default leverages a standard fiscal year (Jan to Dec) for time periods. However, you can use customized time periods (e.g. 16 weeks, 6 Quarters, 5 Years, etc.) and the fiscal year (e.g. Apr to Mar) too. In this blog let’s look at how to set up ValQ to handle a custom fiscal year and custom weeks.

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