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These are some of the samples from our repository. If you need to experience ValQ for other use cases, reach out to us.

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  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Time Series Forecasting
  • Value Driver Planning

With ValQ, you can intuitively visualize financial statements in Microsoft Power BI

Leverage ValQ to intuitively visualize financial models in Microsoft Power BI

Optimize your capacity plans by managing production demand, inventory & capacity fill rate

Drive operational efficiency through effective production planning

Leverage ValQ to baseline your budget for an upcoming year or business cycle

Time Series Forecasting in 5 minutes using Microsoft Power BI

Manage product replenishment planning across stores in different regions and segments

Model your entire business and leverage a 360-degree view of value drivers for planning

Leverage ValQ to create a zero-based budget (ZBB) for your upcoming business cycle

Forecast your cash flows intuitively using ValQ for Microsoft Power BI

Drive your material requirement planning by optimizing demand & supplier lead times

Plan & drive your inventory by calculating various controls & KPIs for the optimum supply of stocks

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