Download and Install ValQ

Find out how you can download and install ValQ for Microsoft Power BI in this quick 1-minute video.

Create Your First Value Driver Model

Learn how you can create your first Value Driver Model in in Less Than 5 minutes.


Earnings Per Share Demo

An innovative solution that blends elements from income statement & balance sheet.

Personal Finance Demo

A demonstration of value driver tree capabilities using a common use case.

ValQ Demo for Microsoft Power BI

A demonstration of value driver tree capabilities in Microsoft Power BI.


Customer Success Story (PanAust)

Learn how PanAust implemented a value driver tree with 1400+ nodes.

Other Videos

What is a Value Driver Tree?

Explanation of the concept of a Value Driver Tree with a simple example.

Spreadsheet vs BPC vs VDT

Video explaining the disadvantage behind using Spreadsheets or Bottom-up planning tools for planning.

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