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Exploring the Interface

Explore what is available in ValQ with the help of a quick sample guide

Table View

 This video features the newly added table view in ValQ and compares it with the existing tree view

Quick Editor

 This video features the newly added Quick Editor in ValQ.

Nodes – A Closer Look

This 5-minute video walks through everything a node contains in ValQ

Pop-up Screen for Nodes

This 3-minute video shows how you can access additional details contained inside a node


Download and Install ValQ

Find out how you can download and install ValQ for Microsoft Power BI in this quick 1-minute video.


This 2-minute video guides you through simple steps to quickstart ValQ in Power BI.

Create your First Value Driver Model

Learn how to create your first Business Model in Less Than 5 minutes. Try it out now with the below resource(s):

Build a Simple Dynamic Model (Crosstab)

Learn how to build a Simple Dynamic Model using Crosstab data. Try it out now with the below resource(s):

Build an Advanced Model

Learn how to build an Advanced Business Model in ValQ. Try it out now with the below resources:


Handle custom Time Periods

Learn how to configure ValQ to handle custom time periods with these two examples. Try it out now with the below resources:

Connect to Enterprise Dimensional Data

Learn how to connect to enterprise-class datasets that contain master data in ID-Text formats


Connect ValQ to SSAS

Model on the fly by consuming data from SQL Server Analysis Services (Live & Import Modes)


Configure Conditional Formatting in ValQ

Learn how to setup conditional formatting for your ValQ nodes



Earnings Per Share Demo

An innovative solution that blends elements from income statement & balance sheet.

Personal Finance Demo

A demonstration of value driver tree capabilities using a common use case.

ValQ Demo for Microsoft Power BI

A demonstration of value driver tree capabilities in Microsoft Power BI.

Bridging GAP between Forecast and Budget

This demo video shows how planners can tackle the challenge to bridge the GAP between Budget and Forecast figures using valQ.

valQ for Capacity Planning – Part 1

Here is a quick video showing how valQ supports Capacity Planning on the fly.


Customer Success Story (PanAust)

Learn how PanAust implemented a value driver tree with 1400+ nodes.

Other Videos

What is a Value Driver Modeling?

Explanation of the concept of a Value Driver Models with a business scenario.

Spreadsheet vs BPC vs ValQ

Video explaining the cons of using Spreadsheets or Bottom-up planning tools for planning.

Whats New with ValQ?

Here is a quick look at what new features have been added to ValQ in our May 2019 release.

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