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ValQ for Decision Makers

You may be a Finance Controller; Procurement Manager; Warehouse Supervisor; Head of Customer Service; or a division head with P&L responsibilities. As a decision-maker, you are always tasked with driving specific outcomes (e.g. Revenue growth) in a business environment that is consistently undergoing changes.

ValQ, Modern Visual Planning for Microsoft Power BI lets you intuitively visualize the relationship between such business variables (e.g. fulfillment rate, marketing promotions) and the outcomes (in this case, Revenue growth). ValQ then allows you to (a) instantly visualize how changes to variables impact your outcomes, and (b) analyze options available to mitigate the impact – all without relying on assistance from analysts or IT.

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ValQ helps you to

Visualize relationships between business drivers & outcomes

Instantly simulate changes to business variables to understand their impact

Analyze remedial actions & options available for mitigating impact

Continuously track performance against organizational goals

ValQ for Decision Makers

Scenario Modeling

Planning & Forecasting

Performance Management

Variance Analysis

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