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What versions of ValQ are available?

ValQ is available as a custom visual / extension for Microsoft Power BI and SAP Lumira.

What can I use ValQ for?

You can leverage ValQ to support several business cases that need you to perform scenario analysis & what-if simulations. Use cases supported include business modeling, planning, budgeting, periodic re-forecasting, variance reporting, sensitivity analysis and more.

In addition, you can also leverage ValQ to build KPI dashboards without simulation capabilities.

Is ValQ customizable?

The value driver tree is highly configurable with no need for coding. The hierarchy of nodes, the calculations involved at each level – which defines the relationship between nodes – can all be configured without need for any programming scripting.

Can I compare & save scenarios?

Absolutely. You can compare, save and share the results of your scenarios.

How fast is the runtime performance of ValQ?

ValQ comes with an embedded calculation engine that handles all calculations locally (front-end) on-the-fly. Once data is loaded into the tree for the first time, all further interactions & what-if analyses are handled locally without any requests going back to the server or the data source. As a result any changes due to simulations are updated in a fraction of a second.

Are these type of visualization objects available out of the box in Power BI or is it only available in ValQ?

ValQ is a Custom Visual and it can be downloaded from the Power BI marketplace. The basic version comes for free. It is not available out of the box in Power BI (It has to be downloaded from the marketplace)

How long did it take to develop this app?

Our ValQ solution has been available in the SAP ecosystem (under the name ‘Value Driver Tree’) for over 4 years. While it has been a mature product with several enterprise customers running it with SAP Lumira Designer, ValQ has been evolved to a next-generation self-service modern planning and simulation system with Power BI. In fact, there are several planned development items as part of the ValQ product roadmap to expand all of its use cases for business self-service capabilities.

Does ValQ have a documented User manual?

You can download the User Manual for ValQ for Power BI here and ValQ for SAP Lumira here.

Whom should I contact to organize a ValQ demo?

Reach out to us at

Is ValQ PowerBI Certified?

Yes, and ValQ has passed all tests and is published to and storefronts within Microsoft Office.

Pricing & Licensing

Is the Free version really free for life?
Yes. We intend to make ValQ solutions leveraging up to 40 driver nodes completely free for ever so that everyone gets to experience the full features and capabilities of ValQ. We hope this will enable ValQ go viral on its merits.
If we currently license the Lumira version, do we automatically have access to the Power BI version?
ValQ for Power BI is licensed independent of the SAP Lumira version. However we can work with you to factor in steep discounts for the additional Power BI platform depending on whether you want to switch to Power BI or run in multiple BI platforms.
How does the pricing work for ValQ for multiple domains?

ValQ can be used by unlimited users in a single Power BI Tenant. All the clauses defined for Power BI tenant pricing is applicable for ValQ as well.

Does ValQ charge separately for a duplicate node?

Yes. Each node is counted for pricing even if it is a duplicate node.

Features & Capabilities

Can all Math (JS) methods be still used in formula like log(x) exp(x) in the Power BI version?
All mathematical JS methods will work in Power BI ValQ formulas.
Can all Excel Formula be still used in formula with ValQ?
Not Yet. This is currently in our roadmap and will be coming soon.
How can we model over UK financial year (from April to March not Jan to Dec)?

Yes. You could do that in the Designer node with Data Series options and overriding default Time Period Labels. We can do it we will be publishing a how-to blog on this topic soon.

Can I put in variable inputs, e.g., your slider changes the change in copper price, but what if copper price changes throughout the year? And, what if there is a time lag between copper price and product delivery and use of that material in my production?

Price changes for each month can be adjusted using the Edit View (shown at the top left section that tracks changes to all nodes). The time shift/lag is something that the model does not capture.

Technical / Support

How complex is the installation process?
Installation takes a matter of minutes, as with any other extension for SAP Lumira Designer. For Microsoft Power BI, it is as simple as adding the custom visual from the Power BI marketplace
Can ValQ be used with the onPrem version of Power BI?

Yes. On Prem Power BI is basically Power BI Optimized for Report Server. ValQ works with latest version of Power BI Desktop optimized for Power BI report server (Jan 2019 release).

What is the maximum number of driver nodes that can be created and consumed with the Enterprise Subscription?

For optimal performance, we suggest that you have a maximum of 5,000 driver nodes in a model.  We also have a built-in restriction to ensure that a parent node does not have more than 250 child driver nodes immediately under it (it could, however, have more than 250 descendants – children of children nodes).

If you would like to exceed these limits, reach out to us for a custom build.

Is there any ongoing support for ValQ?

Yes. Visual BI offers global enterprise-class support for customers supported by a valid support and maintenance agreement. There is a dedicated helpdesk with a support portal that customers can access.

ValQ vs. Other Advanced Commercial Software

How is ValQ different from commercially available planning or scenario modeling software?

ValQ is designed to be self-service planning solution. It helps you model, plan, simulate on the fly. Most of the other commercial planning software usually follow bottom-up planning approach vs ValQ which follows top-down and Value driver planning approach.


  1. You can model business scenarios on-the-fly – in a matter of few hours to a few days – something that would take weeks or months with best-in-class bottom-up planning software
  2. Highly visual and intuitive user experience means executive and operational management alike can analyze and simulate on their own completely changing the use of models
  3. You have a high-performance experience as ALL calculations happen on the front-end
Is ValQ intended to replace commercially available planning or scenario modeling software?

Yes and No. It depends on the size of your business and whether you have prior investments with other planning software or not. For large enterprises that already have a planning software in place, ValQ can complement existing bottom-up planning processes by helping you build interactive & dynamic top down planning models. This delivers time & cost savings through faster planning cycle & reduced number of iterations. However, for small and medium business where there are no prior investments with planning software – ValQ can act us an independent planning and simulation software.

We have an in-house, advanced software that we use for planning and budgeting. Why would we need ValQ?

With ValQ, you can model scenarios on the fly, and your executives can directly play around & interact with the models with minimal reliance on a IT analyst or consultant.

After a few initial iterations, discussions & feedback, you can subsequently leverage your planning software for a more detailed fine-tuning, configuration and validation. This saves a lot of time & effort. Your business meetings would also be more effective using ValQ as executives can receive instantaneous feedback on changes to scenarios.

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