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ValQ for Human Resources

Imagine a planning process that enables you to instantly focus on the right things, ValQ allows you to instantly simulate and visualize the business KPI’s to make timely decision to increase profitability and growth

ValQ, Modern Visual Planning for Microsoft Power BI can tie together data-driven from multiple business models so that you would always have a top-line view of the organization. This allows users to easily perform what-if analysis based on different scenarios and assumptions.

You might wish to have a solution that optimizes workforce management and demand planning to quickly reflect profitability in the way a business operates. ValQ can help you to streamline the operational and tactical plans with varying talent requirements, helping you to compare the right skills, workforce count, and optimize outcomes accordingly at the right time, thus, enabling you to have a better performance management framework.


ValQ helps you to

Conduct what-if analysis based on Workforce demand, Compensation management, workforce optimization

Model driver-based planning modules to drive workforce demand, training needs and succession planning

Instantly visualize productivity of workforce and optimize the contribution

Spread values over time to optimize workforce performance aligned to organization goals

ValQ for Human Resources

Headcount Planning

Workforce Demand Planning

Workforce Optimization

Compensation Management

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