ValQ for SAP Lumira Designer

Model, Visualize and Analyze your KPIs and their relationships like never before

ValQ helps executives and decision makers model, visualize and analyze various business scenarios to drive effective outcomes.

Delivered as an extension for SAP Lumira Designer, the product supports rapid prototyping and on-the-fly modeling supported by a high-performance embedded calculation engine. It enables saving and comparing various scenarios and what-if analyses.

ValQ for SAP Lumira Designer

1) Create Multiple Scenarios

Create various business scenarios in a matter of seconds (something that is very time-consuming in spreadsheets & other software)

2) Simulate On-the-fly

Capture ongoing or potential changes to the business on-the-fly and forecast key outcomes VISUALLY & INSTANTLY.

3) Tooltip for Nodes

You have an ability to activate the Tooltip display for each Node where it shows the Time Aggregation and Formula

4) Compare, Save & Download Scenarios

Compare multiple scenarios instantly and save or download the scenarios to spreadsheets.

5) Toggle to Table View

Toggle to tabular view when required. The tabular view preserves state of the tree and can also simulations can be performed

6) Drag and drop nodes

Nodes can be reordered using the drag and drop feature

7) Initiative

Create initiatives under scenarios for better analysis without impacting the other key inputs

8) Time Aggregation

A property to set the Time Aggregation for each Node.

9) Node Editing in Runtime

Edit the Nodes in the Tree by enabling the property ‘Enable Tree Editing’ at Runtime.

10) Custom color display for Conditional formatting

An option to choose custom colour for the ranges you set in conditional formatting

11) Node Comments

Comment on key drivers or influencers

Watch ValQ for SAP® Lumira Designer in Action

ValQ for SAP Lumira Designer


  • Connects to SAP BW, HANA, BusinessObjects and flat files (CSV)
  • Model, Simulate, Save and Compare scenarios
  • High performance embedded calculation engine
  • Mobile Compatible

ValQ for SAP Lumira Designer – Pricing

Pricing for Enterprises


Contact Us for Nodes Limit
Unlimited Users
Download Scenario Comparison Summary
Import Advanced Models from Template
Download Data to Excel
Download Model Config. Data
Write Back API
Enterprise Support

* Unlimited users in a single Power BI Tenant

** These features are only roadmap items and subject to change and no purchasing decisions should be made based on Planned Features

Note: Pricing and Plan Features are subject to change

Watch ValQ for SAP® Lumira Designer in Action

Visualize and analyze business outcomes with ease

Discover how ValQ delivers agile, interactive and intuitive business planning.

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About ValQ!
ValQ empowers analysts, executives and decision-makers across departments and functions. Model any business scenario in minutes, build complex business plans, what-if simulations, create & compare budgets, forecasts and scenarios – all within Microsoft Power BI. The product is developed by Lumel Technologies (formerly Visual BI), which has a decade of experience in building add-on solutions on top of BI platforms (SAP BI and Power BI) with our suite of innovative products such as xViz, Inforiver and BI Hub.


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