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ValQ for Supply Chain Planning

ValQ provides a Supply Chain Planning platform that gives total visibility of the Inventory Planning. It allows you to understand the critical gaps in Demand & Supply and helps you to simulate and visualize the operational and business KPI’s on-the-fly to make a timely decision on balancing out inventory productions and shortages.

ValQ, Modern Visual Planning for Microsoft Power BI gives an explicit opportunity to use your data and visualize all the possible scenarios that can release process bottlenecks in your Supply Chain Planning. An easily available option of performing what-if analysis based on core Supply Chain matrix to create all sorts of possible assumptions and make timely decisions supporting better fill rates, thus, easing your S&OP.

Whether short-term or long-term, all plans deal with the future and therefore have a lot of uncertainty built into them. View and manage Supply Chain efficiencies with complete process modeling on multi-scenarios to enhance demand and supply planning.

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ValQ helps you to

Conduct what-if analysis and perform simulations based on demand and supply for S&OP

Model driver-based planning modules for demand planning, Production Planning and Inventory Management

Instantly visualize project lead-time, assess materials delivery timeline and analyze resource constraints

Spread values over time for managing variance between Budget & Forecast

ValQ features for Operations

Sales & Operations (S&OP) Planning

Demand Planning

Capacity Planning

Supply Chain Optimization

Inventory Planning

Material Planning

Production Planning

Integrated Business Planning


Demand Planning for Promotional Sales using ValQ

A deep dive on concepts and fundamentals

Take a look at the factors supporting key decision on Demand Planning during your most awaited period in the year, ‘Sales Promotion’.

Creating ValQ visual for Demand Planning

Find out how ValQ makes it so easy to build a model for Demand Planning.


Simulate various scenarios to create a better Demand Plan

This video gives us key insights into ValQ’s features of supporting and controlling KPIs, Key Inputs & Scenarios.


On-the-fly Capacity Planning using ValQ

ValQ for Capacity Planning – Part 1

Here is a quick video showing how ValQ supports Capacity Planning on-the-fly.

ValQ for Capacity Planning – Part 2

Here is a continuation on the quick demo showing how ValQ supports Capacity Planning on-the-fly.

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