Driving Agile & Instant Business Forecasting during volatile conditions (using Microsoft Power BI)

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Duration 57 minutes
Gopal Krishnamurthy Co-Founder, Lumel Technologies Inc
Short Description

The economic conditions of today are extremely rough & volatile like never before. In such situations, it is very critical for businesses to be able to create, optimize, and modify forecasts and underlying assumptions at the speed of thought. Also, the underlying tool or process must have strong and user-friendly collaborative features – where it is easier for stakeholders to review, discuss, and validate assumptions and outcomes.

Both traditional & modern forecasting solutions are however not known for agility – especially when the need is to create & update multiple scenarios daily. Spreadsheets can be highly agile, but they are challenged in terms of intuitiveness, collaboration, and version control – which have become extremely critical today.

This is a great time to be looking at a forecasting solution that presents the best of both the worlds. ValQ for Microsoft Power BI helps businesses to INSTANTLY VISUALIZE, SIMULATE, PLAN & ANALYZE outcomes in a visual & intuitive manner. ValQ is lightweight and is 100% self-contained within Microsoft Power BI, i.e. it neither requires nor has any dependency on external servers, databases, service, or IT support to run.

Watch Webinar Replay to know more about:

  • Creating new forecast models from data in seconds – not days or weeks
  • Instant & Live adjustments to financial & operational forecasts
  • Contribution analysis, to instantly review key changes impacting outcomes
  • Create new scenarios in a second, without having to manually replicate data or models
  • Compare multiple scenarios
  • Perform sensitivity & variance analysis
  • … and more

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