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Plan 360° - Modern Visual Planning with ValQ on Power BI

Wednesday Jul 07, 2021
Harish BK Director of Product Management ValQ

With the integration of Business Intelligence and CPM the demand for planning solutions that are part of existing reporting front-ends and reduce the number of tools in use is getting stronger. Power BI as one of the market leading and fast-growing reporting and dashboarding platforms does not include planning and budgeting functionality in its core offering. An increasing number of third party vendors addresses that need and offer different solution approaches, from directly integrated planning functionality to “attached” solutions leveraging the front-end functionality of Power BI.

Take part in BARC’s webinar, where they offer a comprehensive market overview of the solution approaches being available today, and:

  • see what is possible today in terms of planning & budgeting in and with Power BI.
  • hear four leading vendors with four different approaches in direct comparison.
  • look forward to their panel discussion with the vendors & your questions.

With the ever-changing business landscape, it is highly essential to be agile and ensure your business stays ahead in its planning and execution process.
ValQ is an award-winning application that solves complex business solutions on Power BI effortlessly with its instant visuals and powerful analysis capabilities.

We’re excited to announce that ValQ will be taking part in the webinar and Harish BK, Director of Product Management at ValQ , will be presenting on the top 10 reasons on why ValQ is the coolest Integrated Planning Solution available for Power BI! :

  1. ValQ is Serverless, and it doesn’t require any infrastructure, IT support or service
  2. Visual planning & simulations
  3. In-built commentary & collaboration
  4. Create scenarios on-the-fly
  5. Advanced analysis
  6. Intuitive formula engine
  7. Intelligent allocations
  8. Data entry & writeback
  9. Integrated & connected planning
  10. Integration with Office365/Azure

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