Data Table with Merged Columns for ValQ Model in Microsoft Power BI

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Duration 28 minutes
Kunal Jethwa Sr.Manager Planning, Center of Excellence
Short Description

In this webinar, we will transform two fact tables & convert a new query with merged columns in Power Query Editor. Later, this data will be used to create planning models on ValQ in Power BI.

The data source file used in the webinar can be accessed here.

Through a precise (live) demo, we will showcase creation of different ValQ models on-the-fly. This webinar will also help the viewers to understand how to use ValQ when there is a data table with merged data series representing values of different periods. It covers a few good practices around ValQ, Power BI and Power Query Editor.

 Outline / Highlights

  1. Data Modelling
  2. Data Interpretation
  3. Volume & Value Analytics
  4. Region / Category / SKU planning
  5. Profitability Analysis

& more ……

Who should attend ?

  • Power BI users & Data Analysts
  • Supply Chain Analysts
  • Business Planners / Business Analysts
  • Category Planners / Category Managers

… and Sales & Operation Planning professionals


About the speaker:

Kunal Jethwa is the Sr. Manager Planning Center of Excellence at Lumel Technologies Inc. Kunal is an experienced Demand Planning Manager with a demonstrated history of working with industries like Chemical, Medical Device, Robotics & Health Nutrition, and Nutraceuticals.

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