Demand Planning (Time Series Forecasting) using Microsoft Power BI

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Duration 54 minutes
Kunal Jethwa Sr.Manager Planning, Center of Excellence
Short Description

In this webinar, we showcase how Microsoft Power BI can be leveraged for Demand Planning with Time Series Forecasting Techniques.

With the help of a live demo, we show how various methods of econometrics and statistics can be used on-the-fly for extrapolation and predicting a baseline value. This webinar will also help us to monitor performance with sensitivity analysis and improve deliverables by means of intuitive scenario modeling and what-if simulation capabilities using Microsoft Power BI.

Watch Webinar Replay to know more about:

  • Moving Averages
  • Weighted Averages
  • Linear Regression
  • Budgeting / Forecasting / Demand Shaping
  • Region / Category / SKU planning

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ValQ empowers analysts, executives and decision-makers across departments and functions. Model any business scenario in minutes, build complex business plans, what-if simulations, create & compare budgets, forecasts and scenarios – all within Microsoft Power BI. The product is developed by Lumel Technologies (formerly Visual BI), which has a decade of experience in building add-on solutions on top of BI platforms (SAP BI and Power BI) with our suite of innovative products such as xViz, Inforiver and BI Hub.


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