How to use Cross-Tab Data for ValQ Model in Microsoft Power BI

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Duration 31 minutes
Kunal Jethwa Sr.Manager Planning, Center of Excellence
Short Description

In this webinar, we shall focus on understanding a Cross-Tab data structure and how it is different from a Columnar data structure.

The data source file used in the webinar can be accessed here.

We will also see how a Cross-Tab data query gets transformed into a Columnar data query and eventually both these tables will be consumed to create ValQ Models within Microsoft Power BI for planning and business analytics.

More than 70% of this webinar covers a live demonstration & it will also help viewers to understand how to make the best use of Cross-Tab & Columnar data tables to create planning models in ValQ. We are even showcasing a few good practices around ValQ, Power BI and Power Query Editor.

Outline / Highlights

  1. Data Modelling
  2. Data Interpretation
  3. Volume & Value Analytics
  4. Region / Category / SKU planning
  5. Profitability Analysis
  6. Revenue Budgeting
  7. Visualization
  8. Business Intelligence
  9. Supply Chain Analytics

& more ……

Who should attend?

  • Power BI users & Data Analysts
  • Supply Chain Analysts
  • Business Planners / Business Analysts
  • Category Planners / Category Managers
  • Product Line Management
  • Sales Channel Management

… and Sales & Operation Planning professionals


About the speaker:

Kunal Jethwa is the Sr. Manager Planning Center of Excellence at Lumel Technologies Inc. Kunal is an experienced Demand Planning Manager with a demonstrated history of working with industries like Chemical, Medical Devices, Robotics & Health Nutrition, and Nutraceuticals.

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