Introducing ValQ - A Modern Digital Planning Solution

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59 minutes

May 14, 2019

Jay Anantharaman

Short Description
ValQ allows business users across industries to visualize and optimize profitability & growth across various modules in a flick of a second with top-notch User Experience and latest features like the Simulation-Enabled Table View and KPI search option within complex models.

Every enterprise department operates in an environment of constraint & resource scarcity. Executives, decision-makers, managers, and analysts often strive to identify and understand how several business variables impact business outcomes so that they can navigate around these constraints. However, options for performing this analysis have been limited till date, with spreadsheets on one end and expensive and complex planning software – affordable only by large enterprises, and usable only by specialist planning professionals – on the other.

ValQ for Microsoft Power BI democratizes planning for the digital enterprise in the modern self-service era. It empowers finance, operations, sales, marketing, human resources and procurement to instantly and visually identify, measure and optimize business performance.

Who can use ValQ?

ValQ can be used by executives, managers, analysts and planning professionals in small, medium & large enterprises. Use cases include the following:

Executives can leverage ValQ to map their view of the business to drive strategic decisions (e.g. new market entry, growth strategy, strategic target setting).
Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) teams can utilize ValQ to drive financial modeling, budgeting, periodic re-forecasting & variance analysis
Planning Professionals from various enterprise functions can leverage ValQ for use cases such as sales & operations planning, headcount planning, demand planning, inventory planning, production planning & more
Managers can leverage ValQ to model their view of their business function or operation (e.g. warehouse operations, maintenance, customer service, product pricing) to analyze how they can influence key drivers to achieve desired outcomes.
Business Analysts can utilize ValQ to perform what-if scenarios and sensitivity analysis
… and more


What is covered in this webinar replay?

This webinar replay will introduce ValQ for Microsoft Power BI and its capabilities and walk you through the steps to build your first model in ValQ. Specifically, we will cover how to:

Model your view of the business using various options
Visually simulate on key drivers and instantaneously see how they impact outcomes
Create, compare, save & share scenarios
Create simple models on-the-fly in less than 5 minutes
… and more

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