On-the-fly Material Requirement Planning using Microsoft Power BI

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Duration 51 minutes
Gopal Krishnamurthy Founder, CEO, Lumel Technologies Inc
Kunal Jethwa Sr.Manager Planning, Center of Excellence
Short Description

With the help of a live demo, we showcase how a manufacturing unit can leverage Microsoft Power BI to drive on-the-fly material requirement planning in a visually and intuitive way – that addresses some of the above existing challenges & opportunities.

We review the typical Material Requirements Planning (MRP) industry trends, challenges and opportunities for driving productivity & cost savings.

Watch Webinar Replay to know more about:

  • Material Requirement Planning (MRP) – its significance, trends & challenges
  • Ideal data sets needed to conduct MRP
  • Connect your Finished Goods ‘Demand Forecast’ to drive MRP
  • Simulate and change Top Line Forecast to derive Raw Material buy plan as per Bill of Material
  • Conduct ‘Forward Planning’ to ensure the desired opening stock is available beyond planning period
  • Increase ‘Kanban Cycle Time’ when the cost of Raw Material is reduced by your vendor
  • What to produce with the available materials ?

Who should attend ?

  • Demand/Supply/Production/Inventory/Material Planners
  • Operations & Supply Chain Analysts
  • Strategic Planners

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