On-the-Fly valuations, simulations and cost-benefit analysis for the Mining and Metals Industry

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Duration 43 minutes
Jay Anantharaman Co-Founder, Lumel Technologies Inc
Scott Thomsett CEO at ROVJOK
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In this webinar, we have showcased how some of the best mining firms have realized tremendous value by modeling business outcomes based on 1400+ financial and operational drivers.

The mining industry has traditionally leveraged value driver planning extensively to drive revenue growth & cost savings across exploration, mining, processing & realization operations.

The live demo session would help you understand how you can leverage, ValQ for Microsoft Power BI, to instantly visualize, simulate, plan and analyze outcomes in a visual and intuitive manner. ValQ is lightweight and is 100% self-contained within Microsoft Power BI, i.e. it neither requires nor has any dependency on external servers, databases, service, or IT support to run.

Watch Webinar Replay to know more about:

  • Rapidly and flexibly value a mining operation
  • Perform a cost-benefit analysis of potential decisions in the context of the mining value chain
  • Creating new forecast models from data in seconds –not days or weeks
  • Instant & Live adjustments to financial & operational forecasts
  • Contribution analysis, to instantly review key changes impacting outcomes
  • Create new scenarios in a second, without having to manually replicate data or models
  • Compare multiple scenarios
  • Perform sensitivity & variance analysis
  • … and more

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