Scenario Planning : Foreseeing how your big picture could change, so you can get the details right

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59 minutes

Jay Anantharaman
Co-Founder, Visual BI Solutions
Woody Wade
Author of Scenario Planning: A Field Guide to the Future

Short Description

The Coronavirus pandemic not only brought the world’s economy to its knees. It also did something else: something quite remarkable. It has forced us to rethink processes, methods –even needs –and find or invent new ways to get things done.

Watch this webinar replay to understand how scenario planning comes as a powerful technique for visualizing the future of operating environments.​

Your customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders have been doing this for months. In doing so, they’re laying the foundations of a new –possibly permanent –terrain. What will this new landscape look like for you in the long run? That is where scenario planning comes in, a powerful technique for visualizing how your future operating environment could develop – potentially in different ways. That’s important because your post-COVID-19 world is still uncertain in many critical aspects; different possibilities could still emerge.

Watch this webinar replay to learn about:

  • How the scenario planning process generates alternative ways your future landscape might plausibly turn out.
  • How it produces valuable insights about the way these future landscapes would affect revenues, costs, operational decisions – and ultimately your financial performance.
  • How you can leverage Microsoft Power BI to model your options & drive in-depth simulations & analysis
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