Scenario Planning: Foreseeing how your big picture could change, so you can get the details right

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Duration 59 minutes
Jay Anantharaman Co-Founder, Lumel Technologies Inc
Woody Wade Author of Scenario Planning: A Field Guide to the Future
Short Description

Watch this webinar replay understand how scenario planning comes as a powerful technique for visualizing the future of operating environments.​

Your customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders have been doing this for months. In doing so, they’re laying the foundations of a new –possibly permanent –terrain. What will this new landscape look like for you in the long run? That is where scenario planning comes in, a powerful technique for visualizing how your future operating environment could develop – potentially in different ways. That’s important because your post-COVID-19 world is still uncertain in many critical aspects; different possibilities could still emerge.

Watch this webinar replay to learn about:

  • How the scenario planning process generates alternative ways your future landscape might plausibly turn out.
  • How it produces valuable insights about the way these future landscapes would affect revenues, costs, operational decisions – and ultimately your financial performance.
  • How you can leverage Microsoft Power BI to model your options & drive in-depth simulations & analysis

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