ValQ Model using Enterprise Transactional Table & DAX Measures in Microsoft Power BI

Transactional Table valq on demand webinar

Power BI users often use transactional data sets from ERP systems and aggregate values using DAX measures. In this webinar, we are going to understand how an Enterprise Transactional data table should be used to leverage ValQ for intuitive analytics.

With a live demonstration, we shall simply create a Snowflake Schema and design ValQ Models for Business Contribution Analysis & Sales Outlook Planning. This webinar covers a few good practices around ValQ, Power BI and Power Query Editor.

 Outline / Highlights

  1. Data Modelling
  2. Data Interpretation
  3. Volume & Value Analytics
  4. Region / Category / SKU planning
  5. Profitability Analysis
  6. Revenue Budgeting
  7. Visualization
  8. Business Intelligence
  9. Supply Chain Analytics

& more ……

Who should attend ?

  • Power BI users & Data Analysts
  • Supply Chain Analysts
  • Business Planners / Business Analysts
  • Category Planners / Category Managers
  • Product Line Management
  • Sales Channel Management

… and Sales & Operation Planning professionals

About the speaker:

Kunal Jethwa is the Sr. Manager Planning Center of Excellence at Lumel Technologies Inc. Kunal is an experienced Demand Planning Manager with a demonstrated history of working with industries like Chemical, Medical Devices, Robotics & Health Nutrition, and Nutraceuticals.

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