ValQ for Inventory Planning & Control

Kunal Vinod Jethwa
February 18, 2020

Imagine if you get to retrospect your Inventory Management KPIs and find out the best fit scenario with multiple ‘what-if’ simulations. This is just a couple of features out of many that are possible on ValQ.

Planners and Controllers of Inventory are determined to analyze stock levels using multiple measures at a time. They often get into other aspects of the process and try to see the impact on product category or even SKU, especially when it is about the highest selling products. Sales Teams would want such stocks to be available all the time and Finance Teams would want the capital to be balanced well.

Most of the times, these KPIs influence better decisions. As a matter of fact, if ‘Days to Sell’ indicates the time it takes every unit to get consumed, it can also be observed that there is a need to improve the Inventory Turns. From the Revenue & Cost perspective, every simulation which is directly or indirectly related to pricing and discounting calculations can show us the impact on overall Net Profit of the enterprise.

ValQ enables planners to find out which part of the process needs attention. It helps simulations under multiple scenarios and helps us to compare and find out the most apt situation which could help decision makers change the course of plan immediately. If we know the Key Performance Indicators that should be deployed in the process then ValQ is the right fit for Planners across all the domains of an organization.

Check out our Webinar on Inventory Planning & Control using Microsoft Power BI where we demonstrate this case study and explain how ValQ can be leveraged by Inventory Planners and Controllers.

Webinar dated 26th Feb-2020 (Asia Pacific). Click here for webinar replay.

Webinar dated 27th Feb-2020 (US and Other Regions). Click here for webinar replay.

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