Do You Use The 80/20 Principle In Your FP&A Team?

We live in a VUCA world unable to get a full picture of any situation.Hence,we encourage FP&A professionals to use the 80/20 principle in many instances.

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ValQ for Inventory Planning & Control

This blog briefs more about Inventory Planning and Control and how you can achieve it seamlessly using ValQ, the modern digital planning tool.

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Critical Inventory Planning and Control KPIs

This blog throws light on Inventory Planning and Control KPIs that help us to keep a check on the right flow of stocks and also govern the overall process.

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Inventory Management - Expectations

Achieve profitability in Inventory Management by introducing vital KPIs that will help in foreseeing the impact on the flow of inventory, cost and revenue.

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Replenishment visibility with ‘Forward-Forecast’ using ValQ

Forward-forecast allows an enterprise to predict how much of stocks will be made available for consumption which suggests where the business is heading.

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Key Drivers of A Replenishment Planning Process

With ValQ, users can create a model that replicates their Replenishment Planning process.This blog features about the key drivers of Replenishment Planning.

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‘Purpose Driven’ Replenishment Planning using valQ

In this blog we will dive deep why replenishment planning is important and how to perform it using ValQ for Microsoft Power BI.

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