What The CFO Needs From FP&A In 2021

FP&A must develop an opinion & predict what might happen. It needn't be completely accurate but it drives actions for the prediction to hold true, leading to a balanced, yet swift & agile decisions.

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How Do We Create The Agile FP&A Department?

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The Big FP&A Battle: Planning System vs. Spreadsheets

Planning system should offers all the functionality you need, unlike the hurdles we face when we use spreadsheets for ad-hoc analyses and other tasks.

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Collaboration Is The Key To Success For FP&A

Collaborative tools have changed the game for FP&A. Businesses should upgrade their model & give teams the tools needed to deliver management’s expectations.

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What’s new in ValQ 1.9?

The latest release of ValQ 1.9 version comes with multiple updates and much-awaited performance enhancement attributes, for a better user experience

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Have You Ever Showed Your CEO Your Financial Model?

Build a Financial Model that can show the essentials and do near real-time simulations. This will undoubtedly elevate your impact on the organization.

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What-If A New Black Swan Event Happens Next Year?

We must prepare ourselves for a series of unprecedented events every year.Our models should account for a black swan event each year.

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How To Speed Up Your Planning Process?

When we have limited information the best we can do is to make assumptions,asking ourselves, “What must be true for our current plan to be a good plan?”

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Ten Challenges Facing FP&A In 2021

The CFO has named FP&A a top priority for transformation. She simply wants a higher ROI from FP&A considering the significant technology investments made in the department in the past decade. The demand is clear but how to make it happen less so. FP&A is not short of challenges, but few are showing a path […]

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8 Types of P&L / Income Statements

This post is part of our Financial Statements Blog Series. Profit & Loss statements come in various types and forms. Each type has its own applicability and purpose. Factors such as the size of the organization, the need (internal vs. external reporting), use case, focus (backward-looking vs. forward-looking), and the audience all determine the choice […]

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ValQ empowers analysts, executives and decision-makers across departments and functions. Model any business scenario in minutes, build complex business plans, what-if simulations, create & compare budgets, forecasts and scenarios – all within Microsoft Power BI. The product is developed by Lumel Technologies (formerly Visual BI), which has a decade of experience in building add-on solutions on top of BI platforms (SAP BI and Power BI) with our suite of innovative products such as xViz, Inforiver and BI Hub.


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