Scenario Collaboration in ValQ

Scenario Collaboration – ValQ 1.7 Scenario collaboration enables users to collaborate by creating and sharing scenarios. This makes it easier to share scenarios without having to share the entire report. It is to be noted that this feature is available only on Professional and Enterprise plans. Scenarios are classified as follows: 1. Private scenarios that […]

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Assigning values to nodes in ValQ

ValQ allows you to assign values to nodes.This blog highlights on the simple arithmetic calculations, complex formulas or reference other nodes.

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3 Methods of Mapping ValQ Nodes to Data

With ValQ, you can consume data residing in excel files, small business applications (e.g. QuickBooks), cloud applications (e.g. Salesforce), databases and enterprise systems (e.g. SAP BW) and more. In this blog, we’ll look at the three different ways of mapping ValQ nodes to data.

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How to pin your favorite visual in Power BI in 3 Steps?

Microsoft released a cool new feature as part of its June 2019 release – the ability to pin your favorite custom visual in Power BI Desktop version.

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