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What are the benefits of Spend Analysis?

Spend analysis is one of the most versatile analyses in a procurement organization offering several key benefits. In this blog, we are going to throw some light on the most common benefits of spend analysis.

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What is Procurement Spend Analysis?

Procurement spend analysis is the practice of scrutinising current & historic expenditure from a procurement perspective to proactively identify savings opportunities, manage risks & optimize the organization’s buying power.

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What are the challenges in Category Planning?

This blog focuses on some common challenges faced by category planning professionals and ways to overcome them, thus improving overall category management.

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What are the important category roles in Category Management?

Category roles have significant implications on how the category plan has been implemented and therefore, defining them is a critical phase in the process.

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5 Months Into Your Zero Based Budget – Is It Working?

Due to pandemic , many companies started from scratch & perhaps for the first time used a Zero Based Budget. We're 5 months into new year so what better time to check if its actually working?

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8 Step Process for Category Planning

Category planning is the process of managing retail business that merchandise category outputs rather than the contribution of individual brands or models. Learn more about the process in this blog.

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What History Teaches FP&A About The Future

The better we forecast & the proactive we become the better we can handle any future unexpected events. Are you well-equipped to handle those events? Read more in this blog.

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Fundamentals of Category Planning

The ultimate goal of Category Planning is to obtain long-term improvements in the efficiencies of retailers which leads to increased sales, improved shopping environment and overall customer satisfaction.

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From Accounting To FP&A: How To Make The Jump

There is a lot happening in Accounting these days not least when it comes to automation. The rate of automation has increased by 20%-points in the past two to three years. That makes it a good time for accountants to consider their future careers. A very viable career path to consider is switching from accounting […]

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Do you know the key value drivers in your company?

It should be every finance professional’s dream to create a value driver tree to continuously monitor financials along with proper simulation tools at their fingertips.

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