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Benefits of Supplier Evaluation Process

Irrespective of the functional area, organizations of all sizes should develop a robust supplier evaluation process.

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Why is Supplier Selection important?

Supplier selection aims to ascertain the excellent supplier who proposes the best value for money of product or service.

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Cost to Serve Analysis Checkpoints

Cost-to-Serve is an application of Activity Based Costing. With the help of efficient management, it can significantly improve overall business profitability.

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Significance of Cost to Serve

Cost to Serve analysis facilitates informed decisions to transform unprofitable customers into profitable ones.

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What is the Cost to Serve?

The main objective of the cost to serve methodology is to calculate the end-to-end cost of delivering a product or service to the end customer.

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Factors affecting Transportation Costs

Transportation costs can impact crucial areas of business. In this blog, let’s take a look at different factors affecting transportation costs.

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How to reduce Transportation Costs?

There are several ways to optimize transportation costs, improve the supply chain procedures and save money for businesses. In this blog, learn some efficient ways of reducing the transportation costs

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Understanding the Transportation Costs

Transportation Cost Analysis model created on Microsoft Power BI using ValQ proactively identify savings opportunities and reduce the overall transportation cost. In this blog, let's understand different transportation costs.

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What's new in ValQ 2.0.8?

The main focus of the ValQ 2.0.8 release is on improving the overall user experience. The blog lists down a set of new feature enhancements most anticipated by users.

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7 Step process for Spend Analysis

Performing a spend analysis is an indispensable cost-saving component in any business. In this blog, let's understand 7 step process for conducting an efficient Spend Analysis.

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