Income Statement using Microsoft Power BI

(Visualization, Planning, Forecasting & Budgeting) With ValQ, you can intuitively visualize financial statements in Microsoft Power BI. With respect to the P&L/Income statement, you can perform the following:
  • Simulate changes to multiple GL accounts and instantaneously visualize impact to bottomline
  • Analyze how your simulations fare with respect to the budget & original forecasts at any GL account hierarchy level
  • Analyze variances for current month and full year for each GL account
  • Create multiple scenarios & compare scenarios
  • Create a baseline budget for the next year in the ‘Plan’ tab based on the most recent forecasts or a blank template (zero based budgeting)
  • Perform advanced variance analysis using the ‘Analysis’ tab
For more related content from ValQ Demos, click here. Try out ValQ on Power BI here for free today. To learn other effective methods of building financial statements in Power BI, visit the blog by Inforiver here :  Build a P&L / Income statement report in Power BI in less than 5 minutes
Income Statement using Microsoft Power BI

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