Spend Analysis using Microsoft Power BI

(Spend Management, Vendor Management, Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP), Operations Planning, Supply Chain Planning, Strategic Sourcing) Proactively identify savings opportunities, manage risks and optimize the organization’s buying power with the help of the Spend Analysis model created on Microsoft Power BI using ValQ. This model will help users to:
  • Analyze the organization’s current and historic expenditure.
  • Classify Total Spend into various categories.
  • Investigate Maverick Spend.
  • Forecast spends to predict future savings.
  • Reduce supplier costs by identifying better negotiation opportunities with suppliers.
  • Perform advanced analysis on the spend data.
  • Perform What-If analysis.
  • Create and compare multiple scenarios based on various simulations on the spend data.
  • Increase overall supply chain efficiency of an organization.
Spend Analysis using Microsoft Power BI

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