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Key Drivers of A Replenishment Planning Process

With ValQ, users can create a model that replicates their Replenishment Planning process.This blog features about the key drivers of Replenishment Planning.

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‘Purpose Driven’ Replenishment Planning using valQ

In this blog we will dive deep why replenishment planning is important and how to perform it using ValQ for Microsoft Power BI.

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Visually Analyzing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) using ValQ

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a very popular Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in manufacturing. It is considered ‘Manufacturing Best Practice’.

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Optimizing Resources vs. Capacities in Production Planning

One of the most difficult tasks in Production Planning is accurately estimating the ‘productive capacity of resources’*. In other words, balancing Resources vs. Capacities, which can make the manufacturing process flow highly efficient. Some of the core deliverables of Production Planning are as follows: Finding the required Product Mix Assessing available Factory Load Matching Capacities […]

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Microsoft showcases ValQ in its Power BI Desktop Summary for December 2019

ValQ is once again featured in Microsoft Power BI Desktop Summary for the month of December. Read through to know the new features in ValQ 1.4.

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What's New in ValQ 1.4?

ValQ 1.4 delivers a host of features including Planning Tab, Variance Analysis and Collaboration. Read to know the latest features and developments.

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5 Key Expectations from Production Planning

Talking about the top 5 expectations from a Production Planning process, here’s throwing some light and understanding the significance of each one of them.

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A Visual “Material Requirement Planning” (MRP) Solution

Think of how the interactions with various systems & computer applications have changed over the last couple of decades. Across websites, search engines, mobile devices, video content, mobile applications, games, visualization software and social media – an underlying revolution has been happening quietly, in terms of user experience & design. Now let’s look at planning […]

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3 Key Determinants of Successful Material Requirement Planning

In the previous blog, we discussed the significance & key objectives of Material Requirement Planning (MRP). In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the key determinants and value drivers for MRP. The Key Determinants of Material Requirement Planning 1. Demand Plan: While Material Requirements Plan kicks off with Master Production Schedule (MPS), the […]

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Material Requirement Planning : Significance & Key Objectives

Material Requirement Planning (MRP) remains at the heart of any enterprise planning process, for it calculates the amount of input materials and components needed to manufacture a product. However, it is definitely not as simple as it means. The reason is that MRP is not a standalone process – and has dependencies on Demand Forecast, […]

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