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Connected Planning with Merging Models in ValQ

With the model merge feature, it is now possible for users to merge models which are created or managed by different users within a workspace...

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Scenario Collaboration in ValQ

Scenario Collaboration – ValQ 1.7 Scenario collaboration enables users to collaborate by creating and sharing scenarios. This makes it easier to share scenarios without having to share the entire report. It is to be noted that this feature is available only on Professional and Enterprise plans. Scenarios are classified as follows: 1. Private scenarios that […]

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Time Series Forecasting using Microsoft Power BI

Do you know that there is an option to perform Time Series Forecasting seamlessly in Microsoft Power BI? This innovative option does not require you to leverage or integrate R or Python?  Learn more about how you can auto-forecast from historical data in less than 5 minutes. ValQ for Microsoft Power BI delivers various time-series forecasting methods […]

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ValQ - Consuming data from Microsoft Azure, SAP BW & SAP HANA

ValQ – Connectivity with Azure, SAP HANA & BW ValQ, Modern Visual Planning for Microsoft Power BI helps businesses run simulations, plans & analyses in a very visual and intuitive manner. For a lot of enterprises, data may reside in one of several locations – transactional systems, data warehouses, cloud platforms, or excel/CSV files, and […]

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What’s New in ValQ 1.6?

The latest ValQ release delivers optimized support for up to 10,000 KPIs, enhancements in Variance Analysis, Admin Console, and more. This follows the introduction of an affordable per-user pricing model

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ValQ for Inventory Planning & Control

This blog briefs more about Inventory Planning and Control and how you can achieve it seamlessly using ValQ, the modern digital planning tool.

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Critical Inventory Planning and Control KPIs

This blog throws light on Inventory Planning and Control KPIs that help us to keep a check on the right flow of stocks and also govern the overall process.

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Inventory Management - Expectations

Achieve profitability in Inventory Management by introducing vital KPIs that will help in foreseeing the impact on the flow of inventory, cost and revenue.

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Choose your Tax Regime Wisely with ValQ for Microsoft Power BI

Confused which tax regime would be beneficial for you? ValQ has come up with a simulation model that would help you choose between the two.

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Replenishment visibility with ‘Forward-Forecast’ using ValQ

Forward-forecast allows an enterprise to predict how much of stocks will be made available for consumption which suggests where the business is heading.

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