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3 Methods of Mapping ValQ Nodes to Data

With ValQ, you can consume data residing in excel files, small business applications (e.g. QuickBooks), cloud applications (e.g. Salesforce), databases and enterprise systems (e.g. SAP BW) and more. In this blog, we’ll look at the three different ways of mapping ValQ nodes to data.

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How to pin your favorite visual in Power BI in 3 Steps?

Microsoft released a cool new feature as part of its June 2019 release – the ability to pin your favorite custom visual in Power BI Desktop version.

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[Video] ValQ: Pop-up Screen for Nodes

Nodes act as the fundamental block in ValQ. They carry a rich amount of data. In this blog, we’ll see how to access additional insights on the KPIs.

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[Video] Nodes: A closer look

Node act as the fundamental building block in ValQ. It becomes vital for the user to understand the richness of data each node provides.

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[Video] Handling Custom Fiscal Years & Custom Time Periods in ValQ

ValQ by default leverages a standard fiscal year (Jan to Dec) for time periods. However, you can use customized time periods (e.g. 16 weeks, 6 Quarters, 5 Years, etc.) and the fiscal year (e.g. Apr to Mar) too. In this blog let’s look at how to set up ValQ to handle a custom fiscal year and custom weeks.

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Visual BI’s ValQ Launch Experiences The Power of Microsoft Power BI People, Platform and Partnership

On May 17th Friday afternoon, Visual BI’s ValQ for modern digital planning was introduced to the world through Microsoft’s May 2019 Power BI Desktop summary blog. This made the week a blockbuster for ValQ (With 1,000+ product downloads and 100K+ views) and the Power BI user community (as per their strong positive feedback and excitement in social media)...

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Three ways of building a model in ValQ

ValQ helps executives visualize their business models in an intuitive & engaging manner. It achieves this by capturing the relationship between several key business drivers and the business outcome This blog features three ways to build such a model in ValQ...

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Microsoft showcases ValQ in its Power BI Desktop Summary for May 2019

Have a look at a valuable endorsement to our product by getting featured at length by Microsoft with their May 2019 Power BI Desktop Summary Blog. As traditional companies tend to leverage on top level executives solely in decision making, administrative...

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ValQ: Feature Highlights – Dynamic Scaling

In the previous blog we took a look at one of the features of ValQ’s May 2019 release, the Table View. Here, let’s explore another exciting feature in this release – Dynamic Scaling Options. In ValQ, values for the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and drivers may...

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[Video] ValQ: Feature Highlights – Table View

In the previous blog we took a look at one of the features of ValQ’s May 2019 release, the Quick Editor. Here, let’s explore another new feature in this release – the Table View. On selecting the Table option in the Visualization section of the Navigation...

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