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Converting a Simple Model to an Advanced model in ValQ

Frequently you may build a comprehensive ValQ model that requires nodes in hundreds or more. Rather than building the model from scratch, you may build a simple model in ValQ. Simple Models are automatically generated using data that is mapped to ValQ. However, it can only support additive scenarios where the value of any parent […]

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Modeling an Income Statement using ValQ

We will be learning how to build an income statement model in ValQ from scratch in less than 60 minutes

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Using Template Structures in ValQ

Defining the P&L structure as a template and reusing the template helps you not only build the model faster but also allows for easy modifications to the structure in a single place. In this blog, let's take a look at Template Structures in ValQ

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Configuring Conditional Formatting in ValQ

In this blog, let’s have a look at how to customize conditional formatting for ValQ nodes based on your needs using a sample dataset.

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Writeback ValQ data using Microsoft Flow

In this blog, we will use the writeback option in ValQ to post the data to a URL, whose flow can be processed further as per our preference. In our example, we will use Microsoft Flow to process this information and update a database.

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Consumer Demand Drivers: A Quantitative Approach to Planning Analysis

This blog features on understanding some of the important and commonly identified ‘Consumer Demand Drivers’ using quantitative approach.

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What’s New? ValQ 1.3 (Version release date: 9th August 2019)

Here is an update on the latest features and developments which are a part of ValQ 1.3 – currently available at the Power BI custom visual Marketplace.

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Know your Capacity Planning KPIs

This blog discusses in detail the objectives, measures, KPIs and key derivatives to measure an enterprises' Capacity Planning performance.

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3 Types of Capacity Planning Strategies

This blog focuses on the three main Capacity Planning Strategies such as Lead Strategy, Lag Strategy and Match Strategy with relevant examples.

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Assigning values to nodes in ValQ

ValQ allows you to assign values to nodes.This blog highlights on the simple arithmetic calculations, complex formulas or reference other nodes.

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